Traumatic Alopecia
Traumatic Alopecia

Traumatic alopecia

What is traumatic alopecia? Definition 2022.

It is named or defined by traction, stress or trichotillomania. It is caused by physical trauma. In this case, in principle, the hair follicle will not suffer any damage, and there are several physical reasons that cause its damage, leading to the reduction of capillaries in the local area. It has no genetic or hormonal origin. Traction damages hair follicles and prevents hair growth. Pulling is the most common habit, but constant pressure on the hair can also lead to hair deterioration and subsequent hair loss.

What causes traumatic alopecia?

Occasionally an injury to the area with hair. This alopecia is not determined by the patient’s genetics, but by routine habits that cause hair loss. Such as excessive stress, taking many narcotic substances or drugs including alcohol. Always our doctor is the one who will treat us best to find the best solution and remedies to avoid baldness completely.

Types of traumatic alopecia

  • Traction: This type is when we add force to our hair, such as wearing a tight cap, a headband or combing our hair with excessive force, which weakens the hair follicle and we will lose it due to this force against the health of our hair.
  • Pressure: This is the most common, such as wearing motorcycle helmets, caps for a long time, etc.. This causes our hair not to breathe, we put humidity in it and it does not breathe properly, so it provokes a prolonged hair loss if we do not adopt good habits.
  • Trichotillomania: It is caused by a nervous tic in our body due to impulsive and nervous movements. Most often this happens in children because they do not yet control their nervous system and are very impulsive, damaging the health of their hair.
    Traumatic alopecia symptoms

The symptoms are the same as a common alopecia or baldness, since it is a hair loss without any type of scar or redness. The most common areas are those of the head (sides and top). We can find rare cases of mild itching.

Treatment of traumatic alopecia 2022

Abandon the use of all drugs and avoid stress. The treatment is determined by what causes the trauma. Most of the time it can be solved by going to a psychologist to get rid of bad habits and take care of the health of our hair.

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