Traction Alopecia
Traction Alopecia

Traction alopecia

What is traction alopecia? Definition 2023.

Traction alopecia or pulling alopecia is caused by hair loss due to repetitive and constant stretching in our daily life, which causes hair damage. This can affect everyone, regardless of gender or age. The hair is stretched from the roots and weakened by this tension. Over time, the follicles will be irreversibly destroyed. In their place is scar-like tissue, from which hair cannot grow irreversibly.

What causes traction alopecia?

The cause that affects this type of baldness are the female group, who notice the main symptoms of this terrible habit by making use of too tight hairstyles, use of dyes and some extensions for, which translates into the hair follicles are weakening over time by this bad habit. Women love to have their hair well groomed. Since we were little, our mother used to braid our hair and straighten it a lot. This is one of the reasons and causes why we have been losing our hair.

So if you wear braids or use chemical styling agents regularly, you may be putting a lot of stress on your roots. This is the main reason.

Sometimes it is assimilated with headaches that alleviate hair loss.
It can be reversed in the early stages of the problem, although if this pulling continues for months and years, and time passes, the hair loss is irreversible and permanent.
Educational treatment for the application of loose hairstyles.

Treatment of traction alopecia 2023

  • Making dreadlocks in our hair. They tangle our hair.
  • The headband is too tight or we make too tight pigtails in our hair.
  • Braids to hug on the head.
  • Do not use a curling iron or straightener every day.
  • Extensions are poorly implemented on our head.
  • PRP as aesthetic options, to have growth factors in the areas that we lose hair and be able to regenerate it quickly.
  • Wear your hair loose and natural.

It is always necessary to follow the habits to prevent hair loss mentioned above, since it is very easy to appear. If your hair has already started to fall out, the first step is to stop using excessive pulling motions.

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