Scarring Alopecia
Scarring Alopecia

Scarring alopecia

What is scarring alopecia? Definition 2023.

It is defined when transparent collagen or other types of fibrous scar tissues appear in women or men in the bald areas of our body, the place where the hair follicles were will damage the natural hair growth, so it will die. Among them, we have two types of scars, such as congenital or acquired. There are two main types of scarring alopecia, where there is an inflammatory process in the hair follicle. Also rarely, we can hear the type of lupus or lichen planus.

What causes scarring alopecia?

There is no definitive cause of this disease, as it can be due to several reasons or circumstances. Below, I detail which are the most common and may be your case.

  • Trauma such as burns or surgeries for any reason outside our body.
  • Invasive or infectious disease.
  • Radiation or heat injury.
  • Ringworm or fungal infection.
  • Some herpes.
  • Rarely, it can be caused by some type of benign or malignant tumor.

Scarring Alopecia Symptoms

In most cases and most common, the symptoms of scarring alopecia are:

  • Pain due to the wound it is causing in our skin.
  • Pustules.
  • Inflammation of the skin.
  • Reddening of the area.
  • Our skin flakes, in which we will have very dry area and we will lose parts of layers of our skin.

Scarring alopecia treatment 2023

The solution depending on the type that we have present in our skin, the response to treatment to be effective for the condition of the affected area, the solution can be achieved with our doctor and performing capillary studies of our case, along with histological examinations of our previous years. It is essential to make a diagnosis and guide the appropriate treatment. Since as a last resort we would have to use the patient’s own hair implant or pharmacological drugs.

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