Scalp micropigmentation or hair tattooing
Scalp micropigmentation or hair tattooing

Scalp micropigmentation or hair tattooing

What is hair micropigmentation or hair tattooing? Definition 2023.

Micropigmentation is a painless hair tattooing that tries to imitate real hairs in more superficial layers of the skin, specifically tattooing in the second layer of the skin called dermis. Over time the pigments are removed to be tattooed again. Since it is necessary, so that with the passage of time always has the same appearance and natural color. Regarding the tattoo, tattooed in the third hypodermis layer, it can never be removed by the body itself without the use of laser, so if there is no care it will be lost and change color, giving a blurred effect, which with the tricopigmentation does not happen to have another type of pigment and another way of tattooing in a higher layer, in any type of female or male person.micropigmentacion

Difference between micropigmentation and hair tricopigmentation

Many people have doubts about this, but both micropigmentation and tricopigmentation are the same treatment, but depending on the country, for example in Spain, specifically in Madrid, they use more tricopigmentation and in America, for example in the United States, they use more tricopigmentation. Also, it is known as hair dermopigmentation, since we act on the dermis, so we find many ways to call the same technique hair by hair with natural effect imitating long or short hair with this pigment near me. A prior consultation is needed before this treatment so that medical professionals know the history of patients, including allergies or symptoms of any kind. In general, the process is done before the micro is very similar to tattoo parlors because it is a very similar practice for practical purposes.

Scalp micropigmentation cost. Price and duration

The price varies greatly from country to country. It is usually around a minimum of 2 sessions with an approximate cost of about 500 € per session with a duration of about 4 hours. So it will cost us on average about  1,000 € for at least two sessions onwards. There is no fixed price because the treatment areas are not always the same and the needs of patients are not the same. It is important to always go to a high quality clinic that guarantees a good service and gives us a reasonable budget.

The duration of the pigment lasts approximately 1 year, so every year we should have a touch-up to improve the color of our micropigment.

Advantages and disadvantages of scalp micropigmentation 2023

As Pros and Cons we find the following arguments:

  • It is not permanent.
  • It improves the appearance of hair density.
  • It is a painless treatment.
  • The results can be seen from the moment the micropigmenter performs the treatment.
  • It is expensive and requires touch-ups.
  • Natural result and not noticeable to the human eye, as they are micro needles.
  • Few qualified personnel and not enough experience in this sector, as it is still very new and with little information.

Hair tattooing result. Images

This hair treatment as an alternative to hair pigmentation or microblading for men and women, is performed with sessions of approximately 1 hour if the skin is small or 4 hours if it is the whole head. Otherwise, it may take longer, depending on the step by step with size of the area to be micropigmented. Since it is a painless cosmetic treatment, it is a relatively simple and quick process. They are hair tattoos, with little danger, since it is not permanent. The most common is the crown to tattoo the bald head on the scalp, with good experiences as I show below the results to gain an effect of capillary density. It is one of the best treatments to complement your hair graft or if you are losing hair.

micropigmentacion resultados

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