Why does the bleach get hot?
¿Por qué se calienta el decolorante?

Why does the bleach get hot? 2023

Don’t worry, today we will explain why bleach gets hot. Follow our steps to make the best use of the bleach.

Is it normal for it to heat up?

You certainly encountered this phenomenon during bleaching. If you paid special attention, you notice that it always heats up a little and completely normal, this is part of the reaction of oxygen to oxygen and heating generated by the client’s body (in this case, the scalp). However, there are often factors that we cannot control the hair that cause them to overheat and begin to damage their hair. Ideally, there is excellent communication with the client for power.
Perform a proper analysis and prevent this phenomenon.

Why does it happen?

The main reason is due to possible chemical reactions with different products on the client’s hair. The main products include styling products, mineral dyes, vegetable dyes and even some medical treatments. In the case of dyes containing minerals, such as Henn, an exothermic (exothermic) reaction occurs upon contact with bleach.
Another factor, as strange as it may seem, is the water we use to wash our hair. How to read; The water that comes out of a tap, usually solid water,
It contains a lot of minerals (magnesium and calcium salts) that react chemically with the hot pickling process. If we put a lot of aluminum foil, it is also worth looking at this technique, it starts to burn mainly in the lower insert and gets hot.

What happens if it gets hot?

If you find that your hair is hotter than usual, calm down. The main mistake we allege is taking the client to Lavadic and washing it with cold water, not doing it. You will apply a thermal shock to help heal the hair. Ideally, you should take a heat insert and expose it for a bit to cool the hair and set it in place. As long as the hair is stable and cool we can rinse with warm water. Thus, we will block your treatment. Unfortunately, accidents can happen in the type of process and the best thing you can do is follow our best tips to help you discover your treated hair.

Fortunately, there are many different products that are specifically designed for reproduction.

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