Why does my hair fall out?
¿Porque se me cae el pelo?

Why does my hair fall out? 2023

Is it normal for hair to fall out?

Usually, about 80 hairs are lost on a daily basis, so the hair will grow back, but there are some of them. Factors that can lead to excessive hair loss.


When you have excessive stress, the hair follicles weaken and the hair becomes thinner and thinner and ends up falling out. You will need to eliminate this stress in order to stop your hair from falling out and to be able to recover some of the hair you have lost. This type of hair loss depends solely on the mental health of the person and should be treated by a specialist. Although stress is almost inevitable with the increasingly fast pace of life, we all have it today.

Friction alopecia

Some of the most common causes are damage to the hair from tying it too tightly, whining and combing while wet, or using a toothbrush with teeth that are too tightly clamped (often found at high altitudes). Use a belt of suitable, thick, elastic fabric. Allow hair to dry before bonding and use a wide-toothed comb. Be prepared after bathing. Treatment once a week will also help you to improve your hair. Don’t forget to find yourself the most suitable hairstyle, don’t you.
When you don’t wash your hair properly, all the leftover gels and hair care products build up in your hair. Together with sebum, we create a natural way to eventually seal weakened hair follicles. Cleanse your head to a certain depth once a week. Massage for soft hair before bathing, then rinse with an amine shampoo. Apply with the tip, then lather to form a new shape.


The body needs nutrients, and when it’s lacking, you’ll first notice it in hair and nails. Doses of fish oil will help you strengthen your hair in a healthy way. Alternatively, you can include products containing silicon in your diet products. Silicon performs several functions in our body, the most important of which are. Undoubtedly, its role in the formation of connective tissues such as the structure of hair, skin and nails. You will find it in the following products such as rice, spinach, lettuce, strawberry, cucumber, tomato and carrot.

In which months hair falls out more

Seasonal changes are usually when we lose the most hair and after the summer after having spent a lot of time in swimming pools, beaches and sun for many hours damaging our scalp.

It is a hereditary disease that mainly affects people, although women can also get it and ruin their image. The hair regenerates, that is to say, it restores strength and vitality to the hair and scalp. Anti-mineral hair treatments include shampoos and creams. Scalp vitality. Studies around the world show that each ingredient in this therapy has the ability to promote hair growth at one stage. These ingredients help keep the scalp healthy, reduce and stimulate excess skin.

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