What shade do I apply after bleaching?
¿Qué tono aplico después de la decoloración?

What shade do I apply after bleaching? [year]

Most of the services we provide, clients will bring.
The tone of our expectations and the idea of our responsibility is always analytical. Before we know if the application phase is okay. Unfortunately, the hair does not always fit correctly.
The explanation sets the tone we can apply. It gives a precise undertone. As we mentioned, an accurate jump requires a solid foundation. This is true for directly related sounds.

Fading phase

A certain level of jumping momentum is required to gain strength. Jumps vary from 1 to 10 numbers and higher levels. Of course there will be more. These tones can be considered or called natural tones because they do not exist. Degrees or steps of whitening on a scale of 1 to 10. This is the darkest and lightest step.

Check each step

It is important to take into account the condition of the hair.
You work because not everyone is the same and unfortunately not everyone
Make it to the highest steps.
Beige, golden and subdued formula. The most sought after shades, beige, gold and money, there are many.
Doubts about how to get this supplement are very good, the point is in a good recipe, but above all a precise base.
We give you a guide of the best ways for these shades.

What should I do if I do not have the right background?

If there are no exact steps, you must make clear to the client and explain that the condition of your hair prevented you from leaving the scene. Necessary explanation. Give her a choice of colors.
The first option is to change the shade depending on the scene. Description received. This means that if you get to step 7, you must submit a request of this amount.
The second one is a sign that you can download it again in 3 weeks or 1 week.
Months (it all depends on how you take care of your hair). take your hair.
For a strong and very light tone, you must be patient and go through the process.
One month before the desired period.

If you do not, do not be discouraged, the hair is where the wrinkles are.
The frequency of this discoloration is often unclear.
We need the work they do for us. you should always keep.
Close and explain to the client what would happen if you tried to explain in more detail.

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