What lightens hair? Bleach or peroxide
¿Qué aclara el cabello? Decolorante o peróxido

What lightens hair? Bleach or peroxide 2023

To fully understand this process, we will define it in a few sentences. Dyeing removes the melanin from the hair, resulting in another bleaching powder. The powder released is a specially extracted product. Hair Formanin, its chemical formula allows the cuticle. The hair opens and dissolves the melanin granules responsible for supplying hair color.


Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical consisting of hydrogen and oxygen. Together, they work as activators that are mixed with dye or the rolled powder generates a chemical response in your hair.

Well, now that we’ve talked about 2 key ingredients for bleaching, we need to stay on top of our hair. In order to bleach, we must be clear that the main character. It will always be a decay.
This is responsible for opening the cuticle and remove the melanin granules, while the peroxide is its activator and controls the strength at which we want to. I hurt myself with bleaching.

Peroxides and cholleratic powders can not act individually. While peroxide in case only has the ability to clean the hair. Naturally, if you use you alone, it will leave your hair very dry and porous. So, this will definitely be addressed.


The most important part of bleaching is to make the perfect formula.

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