What is visagism?
¿Qué es el visagismo?

What is visagism? 2023

The word visagism comes from the French word “visagism”, which means “face”. You probably encountered this word throughout your career.

What is visagism?

This technique is used in hairdressing to highlight and enhance the beauty of the face in a perfect combination of hairstyle and makeup. The creator of the technology is the French stylist Claude Yulyard, who, through the analysis of lines and face type, can determine the best makeup and hairstyle for each face shape.

Visagism oriented to hairdressing

This technique can be applied during the reduction. The way to conduct a thorough analysis of the face of people, get the type of person, their volumes and their types of functions.
Which leads us to the creation of an ideal balance to achieve the appearance of an ideal person. As an example, we can put an extended face. What we are going to look for is to create
Visual effect where it doesn’t look so extended, so we can play around. Shoulders cup with fringe, which significantly reduces, the face has a lot of time.

Other aspects of visagism

Only hairstyle is supported, makeup also includes color measurement. Colorimetry helps us determine the perfect skin tone for our clients, taking into account the client’s skin tone and skin tone. Visagism is a very important tool in this field.

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