What is the structure of hair like?
¿Cómo es la estructura del cabello?

What is the structure of hair like? 2023

This is where our work comes from, so it’s important to understand the structure.
Hair, to understand what’s going on and how the chemical and mechanical processes work, we send them there.
We work with it every day, even the best we can.


This cylindrical pile of strands is born and grows on the scalp; It is formed by keratin. Its biological function protects. Skalp has the abundance of large follicles pilot, it means that they are intended for long and thick hair than the rest of the skin. Who explains why eyelashes, eyebrows and body hair do not?
They become while hair.
Each hair is made up of the root and a rod located in
Follicle. Blood vessels feed this fiber, which allows it to grow; Consequently, nutritious and balanced diet is so important to have a healthy and strong hair that grows quickly.


The root begins in the hair follicle. We can find it in the skin.
Scalp. In this area, the sebaceous glands are also responsible for the supply of nutrients in the blood with the hair.


This part remains in the scalp.
When we see the hair growth, we can determine its structure and life cycle stages.

Active treatment of primary disease, high absorption rate.
Reduces, the problem comes from eleven other people, imagine someone.
head pull Contains the largest amount of various impurities.
The composition is due to the large variety of both wood. Also.


As soon as you clearly understand what is hair, we can go to its structure. Let
consists of 3 layers:


The cuticle is an outer hair layer and is responsible for protection.
Hair fiber It is formed by solid keratin layers, which give the appearance of ladders.
The cuticle is very strong and can only be opened with chemical agents.
Alkaline such as bleaching powders and peroxide. When you do it
Color or bleaching process that opens the cuticle to resolve.
Let the chemical agents consist and perform their function on the cortex.


In this layer there are melanocytes, they give color to the hair, when we remove it
bleaching process
In the same class we find disulfide bonds.
The small strand loads like a hair, that if
There are grooves or undulations on the right side.
disulfide bond.
As we said, they shape the hair and when we create a solid base or legs, we separate them.
Build bridges using alkaline chemicals to create a new shape.
It is important to follow the timeline of each procedure from the moment of contact with the hair, we are already taking a risk.
Break more disulfide bonds than necessary, and if that happens, we will end up with shapeless, gum-like hair.
The deepest hair in the hair is the brain, which is made up of cells. The existence of this basic knowledge is crucial to our impact.

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