What is melanin?
¿Qué es la melanina?

What is melanin? 2023

Maybe you heard it in front of her, but you asked. Melanin and how it affects the processes taking place in the hair? It draws a lot of attention and do not miss all about melanin.

Small particles of melanin are found in the skin and hair. and eyes; he is responsible for giving them a color so that we can also name it.

Natural color

It corresponds to two functions of our organism, the first, to protect you against: The sun’s rays and secondary rays are intended to ensure the color of our skin.

Hair and eyes

It is important to know that we do not have the same amount, the same shape and the same color.
The diffusion of this pigment in our body varies from place to place. Check the color of skin and hair. Melanin in our body as we have already explained, the concentration of melanin determines the skin tone.
And hair. For example, a person has very white skin and very white hair. They connect less, with more space between the molecules, and more small. Unlike someone with brown skin, they have an intense concentration. Larger pigments and larger particles.
A very important time to consider melanin production. This has decreased over the years and most of us have noticed it.
Emitted when hair turns gray.


Have you noticed that darker hair is harder to lighten? It has dense, rich melanin granules. The difference with finer, naturally bald hair. Small and easy to fix.


When applying bleach, hair cuticles are opened to extract. Pigment granules, that’s why the hair is changing appearance.
Note that the largest stage of discoloration is the number. Melanin, remains in your hair and thus, the dyes damage it.
The same thing happens when we work on gray hair, there is a small pigment for what dyes oxides are deposited, so it runs faster.

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