What is keratin and how does it work?
Qué es la queratina y cómo funciona

What is keratin and how does it work? 2023

It is a protein that is the building block of the outer layer of the epidermis and tissues such as skin, hair and nails. This protein helps to stiffen the outer layer.
Keratin is used to nourish the hair, repair the strands and rebuild them. If your hair is frizzy, the treatment will help prevent frizz and look manageable. It adds shine to the hair and reduces frizz.

Keratin is a natural protein that forms an insulating layer for the upper body and is found in the skin, hair and nails.

How does keratin work?

To make it clearer what we said at the beginning, keratin is where the small molecules of this protein enter. Cut your hair and improve its inner quality.
You will get more resistance, more flexibility, softness and shine. In other words, it will reorganize your hair. Repair hair damaged by chemical processes or environmental influences with keratin.

Restore lost protein in your hair

One of these treatments is the family treatment of amino keratin that manages to restructure each hair. Amino keratin products are suitable for all hair types and are ideal for hair that is brittle, dry, frizzy, frizzy, has undergone chemical processes, changes in structure.
All people with hair damaged by exposure should know that pretension is not enough, depending on whether your hair is damaged, continue treatment until you notice it.

You have to be very careful with these products, as they are inherent. The chemical formula with which they manage to bind your hair formalin desalinizes the minerals that kill it, making it soft to improve and restore the protein of your hair.

Sweet keratin

This is the epidermis, keratinocytes are a type of cell. Richer skin. Both are mainly composed of this protein.

Hard keratin

Found in hair and nails. As the name suggests, solid protein provides strong hair and nails when we are young, we focus on high keratin.
With development and with using chemicals such as dyes, dyes and tools. With heat, it causes the level to drop significantly and lose it. Amino acids and lipids cause different changes in the hair.

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