What is hair coloring?
¿Qué es matizar el pelo?

What is hair coloring? 2023

It means to create a certain color or shade. We get a lot of questions about color swatches. This is important to know how well they can handle color.

What is highlighting?

These are very concentrated dyes that have a basic neutralizing function. Unwanted tones or highlights in depth. In the case of nanancers, we only need basic colors.

As we mentioned, they are dyes with highly concentrated pigments, so they should not be applied as if it were a dye, thinking that the color would be left split, quite the contrary, you get a very dark tone, almost black.

If you want blue, green, yellow or red tones, you should resort to shades. They do not have ammonia. They are mixed with peroxide, but they need to be applied to the hair.

What does it mean to shade the hair?

It can only be used for centimeter or linear methods. The desired color should be added to the mixture, the result of which will be linear cm. Of course, you are asking what kind of chrome shade to use. The type of hair you are working with for the desired results you want. We leave you with a small example of the shades, but remember each hair vary and require a customized process.

If you want to neutralize the highlights, you must keep the color wheel. Remember that the opposite colors will be neutralized.

If you want to darken it a bit, apply a compatible shade. To increase the brightness, you should add a little yellow registration. I’m still not moving. When it comes to compatible shades, you will be bringing brightness to the shades.

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