What are reflexes?
¿Qué son los reflejos?

What are reflexes? 2023


This is a hair coloring technique that allows some hair to contrast with the natural hair color. The reflection in the hair brings shine, movement and vitality to hair that looks too greasy. In colorimetry, highlights are easy. In this case it is light reflected in the hair. The reflection is a color that we can see similar to a gray hair.
Reflection is only a small part of the world of colorimetry and must be taken into account. Reflections cannot be removed naturally.

Reflections are identified by hue and hue nomenclature, separated by dots. The color will define the reflection. The first question is about the primary reflection, and the hue is of great importance. The second number will always be a secondary reflection and will carry less weight, but is not unnoticeable. Here’s what you need to know about fixed zones.

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