Types of gray hair
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Types of gray hair 2023

There are three types of gray hair

White: It is characterized by the fact that it does not have melanin granules in hair strands. In fact, it is difficult to paint, in fact, the correct term is that it is only matrix, and you can do it with shampoo or dye. The characteristic feature is the absence of melanin particles in the hair.

Gray: this head always keeps some melanin granules, so it can be color. Do not forget to always do it with 10 volume of peroxide.

Yellow: The one that keeps the most melanin, so it is easier.

What is gray hair? How do you know if you have gray hair?

These are undyed hair and for some reason the hair does not receive the necessary amount of melanin for dyeing. As we age, melanin reserves are depleted and when melanin is depleted in the hair follicles, the hair that grows in them turns white.

There are clues as to why they are so hard to attract and defeat. Everyone has hair at different ages and at different times, but we all have them genetically and they will appear as we age.

Why do they appear?

There are many different factors, the most common are:

Age, part of the life process that we all have to go through. The characteristic of this step is that the hair is white.

Genetics. While this does not have to be so, the genes of our parents or grandparents can appear gray hair while still young or with old age.

Stress. We can also impact and promote issues. The appearance of gray hair Well, when we are under constant stress, the metabolism changes and directly affects the melanin pigment in our body. Remember that melanin is the pigment that gives color to your hair.

Lifestyle: some habits like smoking and drinking alcohol, not using balanced and nutritious food oriented to take care of your hair.

Why is it so difficult to dye gray hair?

As we mentioned, gray hair does not have enough melanin. The dye has the effect of penetrating the stratum corneum, apply and change. Melanin, i.e. the hair is deficient in melanin (gray color) pigment. The dye does not break down and usually works quickly. To get perfect hair, we must pay attention to the type of gray hair.

What is gray hair?

As mentioned, gray hair does not have enough melanin to provide color. The work of dyes penetrates the cuticle, applying and changing.

Melanin, so when melanin is lacking (gray) hair, pigments. Dyes should not interrupt and often run quickly.

When we have hair with gray, we always strive with the dye and cover perfectly, but it is not always possible because very light shades do not.

They are stored in the same way as dark tones. Please note the following the height from 1 to 6 are used for dyeing. High 7 and finally.

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