Treatments for discolorations
Tratamientos para decoloraciones

Treatments for discolorations 2023

The dedition tends to bring a lot of doubts, and one of the most common. How to take care of your hair so you’re not hurt. That’s why we give you options for discoloration that you can use before during and after this chemical process.

Pretreatment methods

We all want to work bleaching with hair in good condition.
Unfortunately, it’s not always possible that you need to maintain yourself. Products that will help you to leave your hair in the best condition.
The first double bombardment. This treatment helps to adjust the porosity of the hair. When you use Blitz Dual Presidents that the hair is extremely high after treating.
Way to apply it is very simple, you put it directly on the hair.
Dry mass media with dry ends and the best thing you should not rinse it since the hair is completely absorbed and does not interfere with bleaching.

Treatment during bleaching

There are many doubts about the treatment that can be applied to the time of discoloration. Because of its chemical composition can be added to most products, even in the disappearance of the formula when working on the level restore the molecular restoration disulfide brains. Those who give it hair structure. By using the reference of the regenerator as the first provides high protection to the hair.

Subsequent procedures

Treatment for bleaching, no doubt, previous products. It will help to achieve the desired discoloration scene, but here it does not end.
Everyone, you must continue to feed and care for the hair. Remember how only the hair crossed the process. Chemical, products should be changed to give it proper care.

Lamp Restructuring

Restructuring ampoules help improve texture, porosity and. Elasticity after the process. Among the procedures for discoloration is ideal for use during coloring, simply add an ampoule to your mixture.
Dyeing with peroxide and apply dye normally. You should not Anxiety that you can change the result, bulbs. Restructuring does not change the tone or formula.

Main silk

The main function of master silk is to nourish insulted dry hair or chemically processed. Ideal for use after washing perfectly.
Tinting, according to its acidic pH, it helps to seal it with the cuticle. Apply means, release 3 to 5 minutes and rinse.

Keratin silk

It is impossible to live without thermal instruments; Unfortunately, their use in excess can resolve the hair and call Orzua. Protect the hair needs a protective thermo and better than the one that repairs your hair at the same time defends. Apply keratin silk means for tips before using heating tool, so you will create a layer with which you will eat and give yourself. Shine with hair in addition to its protection.

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