The right shampoo
El shampoo adecuado

The right shampoo 2023

Keeping hair healthy is not an easy task and even less when we must have specialized products, which help us to keep our hair in good condition so that it does not fall out.
Around shampoos many doubts for which we explain how to choose the right shampoo for your case.

What is Maticeur shampoo?

Maticeur Shampoos are products that contain some pigment.
Specific color and helps to eliminate unwanted discoloration tones.
Or desired shades, such as yellow, red and green.
Currently in this 2023, we have 4 types of shampoos, and we present them here.
Clean Red: emphasizes the light and brightness of red tones. Stamp and supports
Cosmetic and genuine depth of color.
Pure platinum and pure beige: eliminates an unwanted yellow look. Formulated to restore tone
Painted hair and genuine platinum or beige.
Clean Silver: completely eliminates yellow gray visco. Provides elegant
Sound appearance. Enhance the shine of natural hair.

Amino Keratin Shampoo

This shampoo is ideal for discolored hair or with some process.
Since then, thanks to Keratin, it helps us to restore hair from the first application.

First chocolate shampoo

The chocolate shampoo contains cocoa nutrients that penetrate into the hair.
The moisturizing hair is instantly. Chocolate shampoo you can
Use it on any form of hair, colored, natural, bleached, etc.

How to use?

When your client painted hair, you should give you recommendations.
Wash your hair per day and no day. So you will interfere
Hate on the scalp and make the color last longer.
Use the parent shampoo every time you wash your hair, but it will be necessary.
With after washing, applied cream treatment, such as Kama or herbal combination to moisturize. If you do not do this, you will notice your hair.
Very dry, and this is normal because the shampoo to be mature does not look like.
Moisturizes, only clean and colored deposits.

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