The perfect haircut for your face shape
El corte de cabello perfecto para la forma de tu rostro

The perfect haircut for your face shape 2023

The perfect hairstyle

Hair is an integral part of our daily routine and hallmark. Everyone’s personality is different. We also believe that a good haircut can do just that.
Modern, clean and confident, that’s why we tell you what to cut. Depending on your face shape, this can help add volume and balance.
If your face is oval, you never have to worry about a cut again.


Remember the main goal of the perfect haircut, personally everyone has an individual style and fashions are constantly changing, so we propose below some examples, but you can always look for another that best suits you.

Wide round face with a rounded chin

Hair should create the illusion of face length.

– Use the lowest volume on the side.

– Increase the height of the face.

Round face

Elongated and narrow face. Hairstyles should taper and expand your look.

– Provide volume on the side.

– Pads can be used for cutting surfaces.

– Keep your hair short to medium length.

Long face

– A diamond shaped face has long narrow front cheekbones.

– Pointed chin. The hairstyle should cover the cheekbones.

Wide and long to soften the face

– Leave your hair loose.

– Keep your hair close to the head area. Square meadow diamond forward and jaw The area is the same size so the face will be yours.

– Use high capacity.

– Smooth the face frame.

Right triangle / pear shape

A triangle or pear shaped face has a narrower forehead and wider chin.

– Find your forehead and the top of your head.

– The hair on my chin. The human triangle / pear / inverted heart triangle of this type.

– Dark hair needs to add volume to the chin area and cover the width.

– Wear some faces need to balance the width of the forehead.

– Avoid placing weight on the forehead and top of the head.

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