The perfect hair according to your face
El pelo perfecto según tu cara

The perfect hair according to your face 2023

The hair is a permanent accessory of our daily deal and hallmark in the personality of each person. We also believe that a good haircut can express modernity, avant-garde and security; For this reason, we tell you what to cut. This contributes to more quantity depending on the shape of your face. The proportional face is balanced horizontally and vertically. The chin is a little closer than the forehead and can be divided into 3 equal parts. If your face is oval, you don’t need to worry about your next cut.

Types of every shape for your hair

Keep in mind that the main goal of choosing the best glasses. It remains to find a style to create an illusion of an oval person.


Wide round face with a rounded jaw. Styling the hair should create the illusion of the length of the face.
– Use minimal volume on the sides.
– Give more height to the crown.


The oblong face is long and narrow. The hairstyle should narrow and broaden your enhanced appearance.
– Give volume on the sides until you achieve your most flattering look.
– You can use a scissors to cut the hair oriented to your face.
– Keep hair short to medium length.


A face with a diamond face has high cheekbones and narrow, tapered cheekbones. Pointed chin. The hairstyle should hide the cheekbones.
Wide and softens the length of the face.
– Leave your hair in the front area and chin.
– Keep your hair close to the head in the cheekbone area.


The forehead and jawline of the square face are almost the same without the face you should soften your contour.
– Use bulk volume.
– It softens the face of a person who can accommodate the hair to face.

Pear-shaped triangle

The triangle or impression face has a narrow forehead and large jaw.
– Look for a cup with a sweep of the forehead and at the crown.
– Use soft bangs to hide the forehead.
– Hair box made chin and jaw.

Inverted heart-shaped triangle

This type of person has a fantastic narrow jaw and chin. The haircut should add volume to the jawline and disguised area.

Wide forehead

– Use partial rage to balance the width of the forehead.
– Avoid volume at the forehead and crown.
– Use volume on the jaw and chin areas.

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