The most common mistakes when bleaching
Los errores más comunes al hacer una decoloración

The most common mistakes when bleaching 2023

We are going to give you the tips on bleaching or the factors that influence.
I will take you today to tell you the most common mistakes of skin bleaching. instead it attracts much attention

You have not analyzed your hair

One of the most common mistakes in skin whitening is that you don’t analyze ahead of time. Every hair is different and a thorough program is necessary.
Continue to communicate well with the client and remember that the most important thing is to understand the procedure you are doing, considering pigmentation, porosity, elasticity and skin structure. Based on these characteristics, you can decide if the teeth whitening is acceptable or will not achieve the client’s results. At this point, honesty is critical for you and especially for your clients. If after you do is you analyze and talk to people you know you cannot perform the work requested, or if several analyses are required by specialists such as a hairdresser or dermatologist. Do not close the door and find the most possible solutions.

Not preparing all the necessary equipment before you start

It is important to have everything you need to bleach your hair. This relates to the need for the material on hand. Working in the right space will help you concentrate on what you are doing. Make sure you have the right product and the right amount, and avoid average products that are not bleaches. As well as materials (CIOS, brushes, towels, etc.).

Use unexpired material

Untreated bleached hair can be a mistake. We could easily have avoided starting the application prematurely. bleaching process
It is a two-step process to produce proteins and silicon. It is the perfect ampoule for chemical hair treatment. Due to the protein composition, placenta and aloe. Do not wash.

Prepare a large amount of bleach and its correct washing.

When the teeth whitening service begins, the common question is how much formulation is required? This happens most often when dealing with long hair.
The mistake is that you are preparing too much or all of your initial mixture. Losing strength, Mingo put it on your hair, you won’t even have it effective, you won’t even change the color. A recipe of 30 to 60 grams is ideal, so you will always use this recipe. Activation in the hair. No one is exempt from accidents and usually do not rinse. Edit law. When you leave traces of discoloration, you paint, you do not get as the paint does not penetrate the hair. Wash with plenty of water and shampoo to remove all traces. We recommend amino keratin shampoo to apply on treated hair.

Do not use products that are not indicated

I believe that after this process, the hair does not need any further care.
Prescribed because the dye does not penetrate well, this is a mistake. This treatment should be applied after shampooing to remove discoloration and when washing after dyeing. You will see the effect immediately. Also, the treatment is necessary to keep the hair in good condition and shape.
More so when treating bleaching. We recommend using plenty of silk to help correct porosity. Set aside for 5 minutes. and wash it.

Failed to achieve the desired color change scene, we believe it is possible to lighten the color slightly with high quality dyes and peroxides, i.e., lay flat completely. By using 30 or 40 spools of developer, you can lighten the tone, but not attenuate it, and you can only use 10 spools of developer. If you can’t find the right direction. The best option for choosing a dye is based on the discoloration situation.

Other types of mistakes

Not using the correct bleach formula. In addition to speeding up the build time, using large volumes (e.g. 40) can damage them and make them weaker. The most important thing is slow but clear try to use a very light shade after the black or red tones. The most difficult to extract and the most powerful are the black and red colors. Lightening your hair can be devastating.
We need a perfect fade in the last step. Unfortunately, there is a little hair that can get to this level.

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