Take care of your hair when you sleep
Cuida tu Cabello al Dormir

Take care of your hair when you sleep 2023

When you sleep, your hair will be frizzy, greasy and even fall out if you sleep.
It is important to take care of this at night. If your hair tends to have some of these characteristics follow our recommendations below.

Sleeping with dry hair

This is probably one of the most important steps. repeatedly I washed her hair at night and we have not yet cooked it 100%, It makes you more likely to participate and participate. Plan to wash in advance before bedtime, remember that if you use dryer, it can support protection products Thermal image bombarded the instrument for the first time.

Combing the hair

This step may seem very simple, but it is very effective when you clean it.
We help to evenly distribute the proteins that we produce in a
a natural way. These proteins help keep the hair healthy.
Make sure you grow a growth with gentle strokes.

Damaging your hair with braids

Although this step may be uncomfortable for some girls, it turns out.
It is very effective because we constantly avoid these hair.
Against pillows that prevent it with theft.
This prevents your braids or your united are too tight, because instead of helping you, it will force it.

Sleeping with wet hair with humidity

If your hair is damaged by processes or the environment,
You should apply treatment that will help improve hydration. You can apply a blister frankness, remember that our lamps are not rintas, so they are perfect.
Apply before bedtime.

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