Repair damaged hair
Repara el Cabello Maltratado

Repair damaged hair 2023

Hair dryer, curling irons, bleach, straighteners… Discover the main reasons and learn how to strengthen your hair. The cuticle is the outermost layer of the hair, damaged hair looks dull and dull. The most common reasons for cleaning your hair was wet, with unnecessary heat from the dryer, flat iron and curling irons.
To avoid this, always use the failure widely to solve their problems. hair while wet. We recommend using homemade chocolate for cleaning, especially a warm protectant such as silk or keratin first to avoid damaging the cuticle with frequent use of these tools.


Healthy hair should have moisture content. It gives you flexibility and elasticity. When the hair suffers from dehydration it is
The sign that the cuticle is injured; The hair looks dry and feels. Draw the hair deep with specific procedures. You should try herbal synthesis, you adored this, as you will notice the difference from the first statement. Another option, if your hair is painted, the mask has a CELMA. Refill the treatment with the first bamboo flax bulbs once a week. Apply after washing the hair and the best.

Protein loss

Hair is composed of a protein called keratin. Use the wrong chemical with inappropriate dyes and fading.
Use or apply lotion and your hair will suffer the consequences. Notes on loss of elasticity, strength and shine. This is also a sponge.
Many people have lost their way. Repair damaged hair with the keratin family of amino acids specially formulated to repair damaged hair.

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Chemicals in your hair

Intense repair cocktail every hair, even that doesn’t appeal, requires treatment. To keep it healthy, intensive treatment must be a habit in every woman’s beauty routine. Revive your hair in the best way with the products we have to recover our battered hair.

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