Repair damaged hair treatments
Repara el cabello maltratado tratamientos

Repair damaged hair treatments 2023

Vitamins for hair

Hair dryers, tongs, gels, curling irons are making you lose your hair by mistreating it and not taking care of it. The sponge is thicker than usual, it tends to get tangled in the hair.
Discover the main reasons and learn how to strengthen your hair. The cuticle is the outer layer of the hair and when it is damaged, the hair looks dull.

The most common reasons to clean your hair

It was wet, with unnecessary heat from the blow dryer, flat iron and curling irons. To avoid this, always use the failure widely to solve their problems.
Wet hair. We recommend using homemade chocolate for rinsing, in particular, use a warm protectant such as First Lightning or Keratin Silk to avoid damaging the cuticle with regular use.


Healthy hair should have flexibility and elasticity. When hair suffers from dehydration it is the sign that the cuticle is injured; the hair looks dry and feels dry.
Draw the hair deep with specific procedures. You must try herbal synthesis, you adored this, as you will notice the difference from the first
statement. Another option, if your hair is painted, top up the treatment with the first flax vitamins once a week. Apply after washing the hair and the better.

Protein loss

Hair consists of a protein called keratin. When you have a large abuse of chemicals with harmful bleaches or dyes, lotions applied, etc.. Your hair pays the consequences and that leads to a loss of elasticity, strength and shine. Many and lose your hair shape than it had before. Restoring your damaged hair with a family of amino keratin, which is specifically designed to repair damaged hair.

Harmful chemicals

Restore the lost protein in your hair. Every hair, even that doesn’t appeal, requires treatment.
To keep it healthy, intensive treatment should be a habit in every woman’s beauty routine.

Revive your hair

Mix products in the required amount depending on hair length to obtain sufficient mixtures to cover the media in spots. Allow to act for 1 hour and rinse with plenty of water. Fans of your hair because of how sweet and shiny, they will remain. Ideal for this before the party.

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