Products you should have at home to care for colored hair
Productos que debes tener en casa para el cuidado del cabello teñido

Products you should have at home to care for colored hair 2023

Always keep our hair in order and care for colored hair. We perform operations including global coloring. That is why we must have products.
Especially help to maintain good hair with our tips that we tell you in this content and the products you should have at home to take care of your hair.

Care of colored hair

We never tire of talking about it, every hair is different and demanding. You will have to take specific actions and notes for your hair.
Shampoo is no exception, so you must apply the right shade. What you have there. We recommend using two types of shampoo and conditioner. first preferably without sulfates and second additives.

Treatments and creams

You may not actually use these processes and instead where to apply conditioners for your hair, but it’s time to change them and apply them. These products will help you stay healthy, hydrated and vibrant. for effective color retention.

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Extra hair care is important and you can do it with heat protection. You can use these products above, once a week or twice a week if you have color change with your hair color. And make sure your hair is always well dried. If you use heat sensitive tools, take precautions not to burn your hair and weaken it. The colored hair, prolongs the color fastness. These products should be applied on wet hair before using the dryer if you are going for a walk.

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