Porosity and Elasticity in the hair
Porosidad y Elasticidad en el cabello

Porosity and Elasticity in the hair 2023

Today we will talk about hair porosity and elasticity, two very important factors. Before going through this process, it is very important that you know how to find out.

What is hair porosity?

Porosity refers to the hair’s ability to absorb moisture. This means that very porous hair can absorb more water. We can define three levels of porosity: low, medium and high.
With low porosity, the stratum corneum is very closed. As a result, it absorbs water or product correctly. Provide sufficient moisture. At this stage, it is completely open. Cloudy and hazy changes are equivalent to high porosity because it is absorbent. Excess moisture comes from the environment and other factors.

Check the porosity

Determine how porous the hair is, but there are two ways you can take it. This check is very easy and you can wash it at home. hair. If you find that it takes a long time to moisturize and dries quickly, this is a clear example of low porosity.
Another way to test for porosity is to put the hair in it. Add water to the glass at room temperature. If the hair left on the surface shows little porosity it is medium and deep, which means it is high.

What is hair elasticity?

When we talk about elasticity, we talk about possible hair. which is stretch and return to its original shape. This property helps us to determine the elasticity of our hair.
Having a good elasticity means that it keeps your hair healthy, while allowing you to dye and choose the most suitable color for you. Having a low elasticity, happens when you have poor health due to lack of nutrients. As an alternative you have gummies and tablets to give vitamins to your hair.

What is the porosity and flexibility in this process?

Which is better for any chemical process?

In good condition, otherwise you can throw it and damage it. This is especially true when the stratum corneum is bleached. Find free air (porosity) and when to open it up using the process. Dyeing and coloring hair can easily transmit terrible diseases and even make you lose hair.
On the other hand, for very porous hair, dyes require more product and color, tending to be malleable or fast growing.
The porosity of the hair helps us to determine the preparation time of each process, since if the cuticle is open the preparation time will be less.
Hair with a closed cuticle.
Flexibility alone will help us determine if the hair is suitable for this process. Unfortunately, healthy hair is not always good.
So different products can help you recover. There is no need to re-rinse in any process. You can also mix them with tones for added protection and shine.
They work as a repair or care program, they don’t wash out, so their ingredients act on the hair all day long and help to improve the porosity and elasticity of the hair.

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