Original hair accessories
Accesorios originales para el pelo

Original hair accessories 2023

Want a change without going to the hairdresser, or do you want to add a touch of originality to your usual ponytail. Dress up your hair and enhance your hairstyles with stylish accessories that are out of the ordinary. Below we share our 5 favorite original hair accessories to show off a beautiful mane. And that’s not all, we’ve also given you some styling ideas for embracing accessories in your everyday life!

Colorful scrunchie

No more ugly old hair elastics that damage your hair? Make way for the most original and trendy scrunchies! In 2023, this cult accessory of the 90s is back. Appreciated for its vintage and girly style, the scrunchie has been adopted by the biggest celebrities: Bella Hadid, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez, etc. What are you waiting for to take it out of your closet.
In fabric, satin and velvet, colored or discreet, the scrunchie adapts to all styles and all situations. You can wear it every day or for a special event.

Hair ideas with a scrunchie

  1. A high ponytail with a candy pink or floral scrunchie. Check out this “simple” hairstyle with a pop print for a surprise effect. A half high ponytail with this soft, pastel-colored vintage-look accessory.
  2. A double bun with chunky scrunchies. The crunchy hairstyle that takes us back to childhood. It takes us back to childhood.
  3. Ponytails with two different scrunchies (orange and yellow or red and red and pink): a feminine and elegant hairstyle. And to be even more original, use a scrunchie scarf to dress up your look!.

A headband: a must-have for everyday life

The perfect accessory to say “bye bye” to boredom and enhance your hairstyle? A headband! Easy to wear, this accessory makes your hair look great in an instant. A guarantee of originality, it will make a real difference to your look! Depending on the material and print, it can give a hippie chic or glamorous look – Blair Waldorf knows it all! A headband enthusiast, she inspired us with refined and classy looks on Gossip Girl!

A headband on loose, wavy hair worn on the top of the head.  A hairstyle that is easy to do and so sexy! A bohemian bun with a headband on short or mid-length hair.

Like scrunchies, barrettes are making a comeback in the fashion world for our elders. These little details give us a sophisticated look. What’s more, hair clips are affordable. There’s no reason not to wear them. We love the original models: golden, pearly, with sequins, with messages or with pearls. There are as many patterns and colors as there are shapes: triangular, rectangular, oval, star, etc. For everyday wear, opt for classic pieces, and for a night out, go for the most extravagant ones!

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