Myths about hair
Mitos sobre el cabello

Myths about hair 2023

You’ve heard a lot about it in your life. Unfortunately, today’s hair is not so good. We’re talking about the most common hair myths.

Hair products

A little bit of experience with the product. However, they are different factors that can lead to undesirable results and has nothing to do with the product. Please note that this product cannot be used with defective hair, however, if used incorrectly it can lead to abuse.

Washing healthy hair daily

Washing hair daily can fill up and resolve hair. Skalp form fat that is taken and protects the hair naturally, and if you put it every day, you will eliminate it as all.

Use the right products. Every hair is different and needs. Specific attention. Determine what you need hair and apply a suitable product.

Brush the hair

This is a completely false myth, on the contrary, it is safe.
Health comes from cleanliness, we avoid forming clumps that break the hair. As mentioned before, our brave product regulator,
We take care of protecting and styling the hair, we help to distribute the hair and so we protect it.

Cut hair when your hair is growing faster

Although it is recommended to reduce the offices every 3 months, it does not contribute. It grows faster. When we cut the ends, we avoid damage to the expansion.

Men’s hair differs from women’s hair.

Completely the same in men and women, but to be people, each person has neat features, such as hair.
Lubrication, dry, etc.

Cutting your hair makes it grow again

One of the healthy and strong hair is the dream of many, but the speed will not do that happens when we cut the hair, we remove damaged areas, there is currently no evidence that the hair will grow stronger, you will only get completely new hair without a process. When we wash the hair, we remove the fat, we produce in natural and even greasy is responsible for the protection of the hair even during bleaching, so we recommend that the hair is washed in a night before the process and, therefore, the hair will have natural protection and will not.

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