Mistakes to avoid with greasy hair
Errores a evitar con el pelo graso

Mistakes to avoid with greasy hair 2023

Whether you’re into fitness, yoga, combat sports or just running outdoors, tying your hair back is more practical during physical exertion. To keep your hair out of your face while still looking glamorous and without spending an hour in front of the mirror. Are you tired of your usual ponytail to go to the gym. Whether you have long or short hair, doing sports without losing style will be child’s play with these sporty hairstyle ideas.

Exercise with your hair down

If you have short or medium-long hair, you can also wear your hair loose during your workout. Only your front hair could get in the way of your movements. To avoid this, simply gather it at the top of your head. To avoid this, simply gather your hair at the top of your head in a half palm or half bun.
Customize your hairstyle with cute hair accessories. When it comes to easy sporty hairstyles, you’ve probably noticed the ponytail, buns and braids are the three most common hairstyles in different variations.

African braids

Braided hair in the form of “African braids” is very popular in the world of in the world of combat sports.They come in many different shapes and allow all the strands to be neatly in place. If you check them a little, you can create original hairstyles that are perfectly suited to the sport. Adapted to sports activities.
You can make a centered hairstyle, or two: one on each side, starting from the top of the head.

The braided or twisted ponytail

High or low, the ponytail is a quick and easy to do sporty hairstyle. It is suitable for all sports. Next, customize your usual ponytail by simply braiding or twisting it. Start by tying your hair into a high ponytail (or low if you prefer). To add a little pizzazz to your hairstyle, opt for a soft ponytail! Next, you can braid or twist your ponytail into whatever you prefer. Finally, secure the end of your braid or twist with a more discreet rubber band.

Braid your hair all the way to the nape of your neck and then tie the rest of your hair the rest of your hair with rubber bands or pretty scrunchies. By the way, you should know that fabric, velvet or satin scrunchies are much gentler on the hair fiber than rubber bands. Do you have brittle hair? Discover now how to tie your hair without damaging it.
As a tip, if you don’t want to have two ponytails on each side, you can finish your half braids in a low bun.

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