Misconceptions about hair loss
Falsas ideas sobre la caída del cabello

Misconceptions about hair loss 2023

One of the biggest problems with hair loss and hair loss.
There are many myths about this, so we approach you.
We also explain why this is normal for hair loss.
Although there are several factors that can lead to hair loss.
There are also many false myths, the main thing is to stay in good shape.
Some myths about hair loss include the most important thing to learn is that hair loss is a normal process and no one can get rid of it.
Yes. If people go to therapy because they don’t want to in order to cure their hair loss problems.
A single hair loss or just 1 strand is not possible. We lose between 70 and 120 hairs daily, this is completely normal because hair is constantly renewing itself.


At this stage, the hair is electrified during electrification.


In this stage, only the hair does not grow and is not nourished. Now 10% of our hair is enough for a couple of weeks. Telogen: This is the final step and is characterized by hair loss, not as beautiful as new hair.

Growing out of something. Only all hair is the same.
Its growth phase lasts several weeks, so the eyebrows,
Eyelashes and other types of hair don’t grow as long as hair. food
Now that we’ve covered the myths, let’s look at some of the factors that make this possible.
They can affect the health and growth of hair.
Maintaining a balanced diet is very important to avoid poor hair condition (practical,
dull, brittle). Each hair follicle (where each hair is born and grows)
Get your nutrients from our blood, that’s why it is so important to
Eat a varied and healthy diet for beautiful hair.
You’ll get the vitamins and minerals you need throughout your life.
Enough and it will continue to grow. The golden rule of a balanced diet. Just be sure to balance half of the plate and vegetables, space
quarter with beans and others with cereals or whole grains,
You can replace a portion with more grains if desired by vegetables and beans.
On the other hand, when the treatment should hurt, it is sure.
Composition affects the health and even hair loss.
Hormones play an equally important role. And after pregnancy comes hair loss naturally.

Hair loss is often related to other factors

in a state of stress. Hair usually begins to fall out over time when you pull too hard.
It loosens the hair follicles.
pause. One of the most common causes is breakfast. Through very rigorous tournaments: whine and nourish it while it is still wet.
pressure. In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, stress is almost inevitable.
But there are some habits that can be avoided without making things worse.
as a hindrance. When you don’t wash your hair
Residual gel and hair products, including sebum, nearby. We produce naturally and end up with weakened hair follicles.
bad food. The body needs nutrients, and when these are deficient, you will notice it for the first time.
in hair and nails.

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