Lice and how to fight them
Piojos y cómo combatirlos

Lice and how to fight them 2023

When we go to beauty salons, beauty salons, but unfortunately other customers accidentally infected, poor hygiene of the private area.
Today we will explain the lice and how to treat them. This problem basically affects the little one in the family. Small insects that live and breed on the skin of many scalps and are easily spread by contact or can be controlled by changing caps, hats or contact surfaces.


These animals are intensely itchy on the head, but this is not a serious health problem, however serious health problem, however, intensive treatment is needed. In order to eradicate them completely. If there is a tingling on the scalp, you should pay close attention, it is a sign of the presence of eggs, which is breeding lice. If you notice that the little one constantly plucked his head, you will have to check them carefully, paying special attention to the neck and behind the ears.

How to remove them

To get rid of this tick, use chemicals to get rid of it. You are a specialist in shampoos or treatments. Consult the instructions of your product.
Wash your hair and pay attention to the sections. Because we are focusing on this area of the ears and neck. I recommend taking a towel head, putting your attitude.
Repeat this process within 14 days to avoid it. Remember that towels, and even clothes should be disinfected and even quit smoking. To add lice and how to remove them, we recommend drying dry hair after shampooing specialized. Eliminate and isolate residual bugs. Head lice are not guaranteed, but will remain on the scalp.


Most importantly, prevention, and we can help the little with some basic care, unfortunately, because this problem is not to use only personal hygiene.

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