How to wash your hair without shampoo
Cómo lavarse el pelo sin champú

How to wash your hair without shampoo 2023

Do you know the no-poo?

No-poo (short for “no-shampoo”) is a method of hair washing that relies on shampoo”) is a method originating in the United States, which is a method originating in the United States, which is simply not using shampoo when washing your hair. This does not mean that you give up completely on washing your hair and getting a clean, silky mane.
And a clean, silky mane…. Don’t worry! But we’ll try to leave behind your usual shampoo, which is often made up of harmful ingredients, in favor of products that are gentler on your hair, your wallet and the planet.

This method, which is part of the “slow cosmetics” trend, consists of washing your hair without shampoo. Stop ammonium salts, parabens, silicones, sulfates and other harmful ingredients
and other harmful ingredients contained in cosmetic products. Instead, use gentle products and natural shampoos based on clays and other natural ingredients.
natural ingredients! You see, detoxifying your hair by forgoing the chemical formulas of traditional shampoo formulas can help you have great hair. Discover what this hair routine is all about.

Why wash your hair without shampoo?

Depending on the nature of our hair, we all need to “wash our head” more often wash our head more or less regularly. To have a shiny and stylish look shiny and well-groomed hair, free of dirt, pollution particles and pollution particles and allergens, and simply for reasons it is essential to wash your hair.
The problem is that most of the shampoos available in supermarkets use synthetic washing bases, such as sulfates, responsible for the foaming power of soaps and shampoos.

To fight against the aggressive detergent effect of some shampoos, the scalp will produce more sebum. The more you wash your hair, the more, the faster it will become greasy.

As for parabens, they are preservatives generally used in the composition of cosmetic products that are fairly well tolerated by the skin. These chemicals capable of affecting our hormonal system. In short, you will understand that it is better to give up the compounds of traditional shampoos.

What to replace shampoo with?

Adoptar el no-poo te permitirá romper la adicción de tu cabello, estimula las glándulas sebáceas del cuero cabelludo. No siempre lo sabemos, pero el acondicionador, que generalmente se utiliza para desenredar el cabello.
El acondicionador, que suele utilizarse para desenredar el cabello, también tiene una base limpiadora. Pero este es mucho más suave que el de los champús convencionales. Al sustituir su
champú con un acondicionador (sin sulfatos ni siliconas, por supuesto), limpiarás tu cabello limpiará su cabello con suavidad, sin dañarlo y sin irritar su piel.
irritando su piel. Si no está satisfecha con los resultados del acondicionador, también puede también puedes optar por un champú sólido vegano elaborado con ingredientes naturales ingrediente naturales que puedes encontrar en tiendas de productos ecológicos o de residuo cero.

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