How to wash your hair properly
Como lavarse el pelo correctamente

How to wash your hair properly 2023

Keep it in good condition, especially when it comes to hair shades or.
Chemical process. In these cases, it is important to know how to give you the best.


Pour warm water on damp hair.
Pour a small amount of shampoo in your hands and apply only the remedy.
Tip Yes, it may seem strange, but in fact, this field is unique.
Who really needs to wash, the scalp always produces this?
There is a great person who smothers and protects it, but if it is removed every day.
These shampoo fats are better than all moisturizers. Good: just use the foam to massage the skin a little.
The scalp at your fingertips, never use your nails!
You should also consider using a shampoo suitable for your hair type.
It is not the same if it is natural or colored or bleached.
Be especially careful if your hair is colored and/or bleached.
You need more pampering and the perfect shampoo, this is a shampoo that can do what you want.
Preferably a sulfate with a recombinant component. After shampooing, rinse your hair with warm water, absolutely do not burn it.


Before swimming, we recommend resolving the hair with the square brush to remove all the tails of knots and gel or other product. With this technique you make it easier and easier to wash your hair.


It is important that you use treatment cream. If your hair fluffs a lot or is a very very county, and especially if it is painted. Be sure to use a proper treatment, forget about air conditioning. With Ginseng improves the strength of our hair follicles are of the best vitamins to nourish our hair.
Wait 2 minutes and give the latter to rinse with cold water to close. It will be soft and shiny.

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Forget the technique we all use to dry your hair. Unfortunately, it’s not true.
Don’t twist or pull the towel! The best thing to do is to press firmly to remove excess water. It opens up, opening the cuticle and turning it into a mop.
Finally, wear warm protective clothing and use a blow dryer. Always keep the air circulating. This way you avoid using sponges.

When your hair is wet, your hair will be more susceptible to damage, even if you use fine hair types and your hair will be very greasy.
It is good to take care of many types of teeth. Work from scratch until they are completely dry and not wet at all.

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