How to Untangle Hair
¿Cómo Desenredar el Cabello?

How to Untangle Hair 2023

Tangled hair comes from the most everyday problems that we. We face the confrontation and solve the problem can become painful in another way.
We know how to do it correctly. In our note, today we tell you tips to avoid the pain when you throw a shot to the hair.

How to untangle very tangled hair with knots

There are different factors that can facilitate knots in the hair, especially for thin and dehydrated hair, in addition to
Cleaning it, regularly contributes to the creation of knots.
It is advisable to use shampoo and deep moisturizing treatment in the hair.
We have celemides or herbal fusion that combines repairs and revitalizing properties that will give
Moisturizing that needs hair.
Detangling without pain. It is important to start a process that has product relief.
The consideration process will help you regulate the porosity of your hair, in addition to repairing it.
All your hair As soon as we use the product for moisturizing.
Hair, we must pass the comb of wide natural bristles.  Notice that your hair absorbs the product, you can moisturize again.
The first double pumping. Brush. Start with growth brushes to naturally, tips, if your hair is very confused, perform the sections.
In your hair and transmit a fine comb partition. Run the default. If you notice that your tips are open, it will be better to choose a small cut to remove the damaged area and
Prevent all of your hair from developing.
Take care of drying. If you are girls who wear hair to dry. You are in a big mistake faster. By doing this action, contribute to. Frisotts, open the Council, as well as create knots. Take a towel and remove excess water and discs outdoors.
Use hydration products. As we mentioned earlier our hair needs help from products that provide nutrients lost. And the best choice will be ceramides or herbal fusion.

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