How to repair burned hair
Cómo reparar el cabello quemado

How to repair burned hair 2023

They burned my hair! This is the expression we hear the most. That’s why we give you 7 tips.
It is very easy to know how to restore burned hair or discoloration due to an area or a chemical process.
We will never refill water many times, avoid washing the hair. day! Thanks to that, we will not tempt you to stop swimming, it’s just a question.
Put in the tub and you’re done. We know it’s hard for most women, but if you really want to fix burnt hair, you have to do this, yours.

We also recommend that, in general, we offer the following and only in sports.
The easier, the sooner the better, become a partner or run we showered but it was the worst thing we have done hair, especially if the hair has been damaged or manipulated. Remove excess water with a towel. Permanent repair is also important to ignore the time.

A plate or any heat tool is not recommended. You can use the dryer, but only if you have a high temperature and
Undoubtedly, nature is always at its best when it comes to renewal.
At the end of the day, burned hair will be your best ally. you just need it. It is important not to wash your hair every day, even if your body allows it.
Work your magic, don’t take away those medicines that give you a natural remedy.

Treatment that works

Severe burns need extra help in our terrible condition.
Cure, then some lights like the first will regroup once a week required. Do not use them on moderately clean hair. Tip, do not rinse.

Flawless silicone finish, like the first keratin strand.
Whenever hair is wet (not damp), reapply less sun. It will give you the protection you need for the day and help prevent blooming or unpleasant vacations.

Complete the new regular precautions to fix burnt hair. Use it daily on dry hair as recommended by me.

Especially don’t shower if you follow all the walking recommendations. Our day to day is the result of the first week.
She believes that no matter how well I take care of you, you can’t go back to the way you were.

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