How to regenerate hair fiber?
¿Cómo regenerar la fibra capilar?

How to regenerate hair fiber? 2023

You have definitely found your hair very weakened, there is currently no 100% effective medication that will quickly regenerate your hair in a natural way. This usually happens through a combination of poor maintenance, bad bleaching and even other factors in your daily routine that lead to a worsening of your hair.

How to restore the hair fiber?

Be especially careful when moving, as today we will show you how to restore it. Chemical processes are usually complicated unless we worry about it. Certain procedures are required to facilitate maintenance. In the transformation of the hair there are several professional products for complete recovery and get to improve the appearance.
Hair fibers, so today we recommend you to use the amino acid keratin first. The first amino acid and keratin shampoo
As we all know, the ideal is not to wash your hair every day. Do this every 2 days and our Keratin Shampoo will be the first.
Remember not to rub when washing your hair, massage gently. First regenerative treatment with keratin. This treatment can be used after washing the hair with keratin. This regenerating mask focuses on hair loss. Hair is left strong, full of life and shiny. These bulbs are designed for slightly damp hair. It is important that these bulbs are applied directly to the most damaged areas. Remember that none of our bulbs have been cleaned. This product is silicone which makes it easy to remove hair and to protect it from hot tools, simply apply a small amount of product to your hand and spread it all over your body with damp or dry hair.

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