How to make discoloration retouching?
¿Cómo hacer retoque de decoloración?

How to make discoloration retouching? 2023

If you have this problem, take your time it is a simple thing to do this retouching and leave perfectly the color to your hair. Pay attention to this guide.

When to bleach with touch-ups?

Let’s start, we need to define when to do it

Its thin thickness prevents it from slipping through applications. To get it, apply the formula: 1 + 1-10
50g bleach + 40ml peroxide.
40g bleach + 30ml peroxide

The most common case, is if your hair is colored and you want a lighter shade on the rest of your hair.

If the feathers are open and you want to use a bright paint, brush them to a natural color.
The main purpose of color correction is to even out the tone.
It is explained that all the hair is present in the case of global bleaching.

Eliminating the bleaching effect

It should be emphasized that this process takes place only during growth. Wait at least 3 months before you can add at least 3 cm to your hair. What we can do apply bleach to your growths without touching anything that has been bleached.

The amount of peroxide depends on how clean the hair we are working with is. If you have read our content, you know we recommend this all the time. Low volume bleaching ensures the quality of the cosmetics. Remember that the goal is to relate hair growth to the scene. For this, it is also necessary to apply free wallpapers to avoid falls, stains or retouching.
You must be attentive to the application to avoid surprises. Natural hair tends to lighten faster than colored hair.
The exact time of installation, we will have to investigate the process.
He doesn’t treat it for hours. This is the most important part of maintaining the discoloration. Anyway, you must protect the product with the product.
Protect against color, line label or worse risks.

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