How to lighten black hair
Como aclarar el pelo negro

How to lighten black hair 2023

Paint can be used to lighten dark hair as long as the hair is flawless.  If your hair is dyed with black dye to lighten it, you will need to bleach or dye it.

Advantages and disadvantages

The first thing you need to know is that you have applied the dye before. You cannot lighten your hair with a new dye at home, even if you can find blonde or lighter hair.
This is the only way to do this type of bleaching or extraction. However, as we often say, it is a process to follow. Only a professional can get the results you want.
Why can’t it be done at home? Very simple, no color change. There are many variables to take into account that the hair does not become elastic. If the hair is healthy enough to carry out the procedure.
The chemistry, should be estimated based on the change in mass of powder, peroxide and time of placement, except before and after surgery. It will never be the same as doing it to someone else with dye.
Do it yourself, focus the colors where the front can be seen well in the mirror, and where your hands and dexterity allow. Usually the neck and all the back hair is dyed the same color.
As others do, although it is much easier than others, the root can with the way you color your hair depends on the color and suitability of your hair.
The purpose of your work and the tone you want to achieve. When doing it professionally, first analyze the texture and color of the hair you want to achieve.
You can find out if you can only use color or if you need it. If you can only use dye, proportion it with the formula to help determine how high of a jump you need to make the desired results.

As you can see, lighten your hair at home, as a rule, brings very consequences. There are no specific recipes or formulas for step by step and this is what we get asked every day.
The process must be tailored to each individual, and the results are never precise.

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