How to grow hair faster naturally?
¿Cómo hacer crecer el pelo más rápido de forma natural?

How to grow hair faster naturally? 2023

Our hair gains an average of one centimeter per month. If you have shoulder-length hair and dream of having it down to your belly button, you’re going to have to be patient. However, there are some natural tricks to get a longer mane quickly and get the hair of your dreams without having to wait several years. Today we’re going to take a look at techniques to accelerate hair growth: hair care, massages, food supplements, tips and tricks of all kinds…. You will see that there are many natural ways to promote rapid hair growth. Come on, that we explain how to grow hair faster naturally with these tips that work!.

Oils to increase hair growth

Just because you feel like your hair is stagnant doesn’t mean it’s not growing, hair doesn’t grow. In fact, it may simply be they break off at the ends or lack vigor at the roots. Making natural oil masks, first of all, nourishes the hair deeply, and well-nourished hair means less breakage. But limiting breakage and split ends will help you and split ends will allow you to keep those precious last few inches longer.

Secondly, oil treatments can help your hair grow faster, but you need faster hair, but they need to be chosen carefully. Castor oil and mustard oil are the best known to promote hair growth. Combined with coconut milk, they make a great repairing and strengthening mask, which is applied from root to tip, massaging in the from root to tip, massaging the scalp well.

For best results, it is advisable to use this treatment at least once a week and leave it on as long as possible (overnight if possible).
(overnight if possible) before shampooing.

Limit the use of shampoo for fast hair growth

Washing your hair too often can dry it out or make it heavier, especially because of the silicones and parabens that shampoos. When used daily, they suffocate the scalp and scalp and prevent hair from growing optimally. So choose organic and silicone-free shampoos and limit yourself to two shampoos a week. If your mane tends to
greasy in the middle, opt for a bun or ponytail instead of a wash.

Also, avoid the blow dryer, air drying is still the healthiest technique to avoid damaging your hair. Similarly, avoid using a flat iron or any other electrical appliance that irons or any other electrical appliance that generates artificial heat. These accessories dry out your hair and eventually make it brittle. For those addicted to flat irons or hair dryers, we recommend at least applying a serum or spray to protect from the harmful effects of heat. This will greatly limit damage.

Hair straighteners with no pulling or pressure on the hair

As we explained earlier, they simply tend to break regularly and that doesn’t help growth. Elastics may have something to do with it.
Some elastic cords tend to make our hair more brittle. It is advisable not to use elastic bands that are too tight and to vary the hairstyle so as not to always create a
hairstyles so as not to always create a kink in the same places.

Choose soft ties that do not break the hair fiber. Hair ties are ideal for creating beautiful hairstyles without damaging the hair. In fact, it is especially recommended to use a scrunchie to protect your hair from the sun.

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