How to give volume to your hair?
¿Cómo darle volumen al cabello?

How to give volume to your hair? 2023

Giving our hair volume is every woman’s dream, but unfortunately not everyone can achieve it as their hair can be quite the opposite and not very voluminous.
Fortunately, there are steps we can take to give your hair a little extra volume.

Use modern haircuts

Don’t be afraid of change, haircuts can really promote our hair.
Shapes, if you encourage you to cut, ask for layers, because it will give you more volume and will move to the hair. They are recommended to choose the hair in this 2023.

Proper styling

This is a must if you want to curl your hair beautifully.
Choose the right hairstyle. There are different techniques to make hot tools such as straighteners or straighteners.
Side styling. One thing is very simple: change the direction of your hair. Pass the side curls and comb the hair in opposite directions.
It is usually based on creating a completely natural spatial effect.
wave. Heat tools are an important ally, try it.
The waves cut slightly to give you sound effects.
instantly. Don’t forget this every time you use a thermostat. To protect your hair, use a warm protector.

Don’t wet your hair too much

Drying is quite classic, but effectively dry with a blow dryer.
The technique is very simple, you must tilt your head and
Turn on the air from the dryer to the end.
Girls, but if you want to look at the hair with a large volume, you need to
Switch through the dryer and clips.If you combine well, draw the right product, you will receive a volume.
Ideal, in addition to this, it lasts longer, but be careful to use excess finishing products can be applying too much product on your hair.
It only leads to the fact that he just lost it. Use moderate amounts for volume and strength.

Hair care

Fine hair is often difficult to maintain because it is more manageable.
It broke and lost its natural structure. We need documentation.
It helps to keep it in good condition and gives it density.
Certain ingredients help to thin the hair. Keratin is responsible for rebuilding the hair shaft, penetrating the hair, giving vitality and shine to the hair.
Moisturizing: hair moisturizing treatments, use of bulbs and strengthening treatments.
hair texture. This type of product will help you recover.

Color effects

Hair color can be the best way to thin your hair camouflly. Add small highlights like VVVIGI, they will help give the appearance of more, because they contribute light to your hair.

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