How to cover up gray hair
Cómo cubrir las canas

How to cover up gray hair 2023

How to mask gray hair?

If you want to dye your hair white at home and without complications, you should dye it better than the first person.
Yes, we know it’s for gentlemen, but if it is, why not use it?

It covers gray hair better

By choosing black in moderation, you have an advantage over these colors.
They will give your hair more of an illusion. Usually, gray hair is thinned out and appears that way.
If you want brighter colors, we recommend you cut your hair short for energy.
Give them volume and they rarely show.

Complementary color

Enhances the intensity of selected pigments for better shine.
Not an emollient, as the name implies, it is an additive.
It is an ideal substitute for fabric softeners, including chemical processes.
It is important to consider only 1 to 6 elevations and you will do better.
Here are Pigmentation Levels 7 to 10.
You must first add the expired additive, mix well (regardless of the amount of dye used).
To give you an idea, here are two examples.
The first one is the easiest and there are charts you will find. Inside there is a colorful and clean box, but you have to know how to recognize it.
The percentage of gray hair of your client.
Secondly, the most complicated is the coloring: 75% to 100% gray hair. You use rule 11 to create
An exact formula is based on the color you use and the color you want.

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