How to combat greasy hair
Cómo combatir el cabello graso

How to combat greasy hair 2023

Having greasy hair sometime is normal. It protects your hair from various factors, especially the environment. But, there are hair that generate excess sebum and cause an unpleasant feeling for our mental health and look bad with our appearance. To avoid this, pay special attention to the following recommendations and several tips to solve it.

Washing oily hair

When you wash your hair, don’t forget to do it with lukewarm water without being too hot, as you will produce more grease.

When you wash your hair, make sure your hands are clean as you will be dirtying your hair. Massage slowly and with cold or lukewarm water towards cold. This will help you to activate the blood flow and eliminate any other products that generate more grease in our head.

Washing should use a special shampoo to remove and control your oil. It is not necessary to wash your hair daily, otherwise you will generate more grease by defense, it is advisable to alternate every other day.


Synonymous with hydrated hair for healthy hair. Leave the air conditioners behind and apply a mask to help keep your hair moisturized, so it doesn’t look coarse or dull. Most masks help to further grease your hair, try not to use them or use ones that don’t generate grease.


Be careful with the shampoo you choose, because each person has different characteristics about their hair. When you have oily hair, a good option is to buy anti-oily shampoos to control the sebum in your hair and especially in the “T” zone of our head. Since its function is to eliminate excessive sebum. There are many types and prices on the market.

Keep your hair clean

Wash combs and brushes at least once a week to remove grease and dirt they may have. Bacteria and dust build up in our hair and your hair will fall out again because of that dirt and grease. We use our big fingers directly on our hair and make it dirty without realizing it. Especially if you have oily skin, it comes in contact with your face and then your hair. We’ve known time and time again that it’s unavoidable. Unconsciously, but it’s best to avoid it.

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