How to combat dry hair?
¿Cómo combatir el cabello seco?

How to combat dry hair? 2023

One of the biggest hair problems is dry or frizzy hair. Well, it could be a natural hair problem. Your environment and the way you take care of your hair can affect and aggravate it.
This question is for related products. But don’t worry, today we share with you how to combat dry hair.

Wash it properly with a special shampoo

It is very important to the shampoo you use and the need for dry hair.
Specific nutrients and that are free of sulfates. Chocolate shampoo contains cocoa nutrients that penetrate the hair. Moisturizing hair is instantly.
Remember that the application is very important, and we should always make it the first tip, because it is usually the most damaged part.


Chocolate treatment

In addition to the shampoo, we will have to apply the treatment as a chocolate treatment, leaving it for 2 to 5 minutes, then rinse it. Do not forget to apply it mainly on damaged areas, since usually

Means and tips

Another excellent option is the first treatment which will help you regulate porosity, this product. You can use it during the day, as you can apply it at any time of the day.
The time when it is not cleaned. When you leave them on the hair, they will restore damaged keratin, it will also help to close the cuticle and prevent. Apply it on dry hair. communication.


As before, we have listed this as one of the main reasons. Dry hair is just a heating tool if not used in this way. Enough to dehydrate your hair. Apply a thermal protective coating such as keratin silk to form a layer. Protect the feathers around it and feed them at the same time. When it comes to trying to get hair, we usually use hairspray or gel.
They make the hair look like hair, not that they don’t protect it. If your hair is dry, it needs to be refreshed and these products will be left behind.
Using hair cream also has a nourishing effect.
When it comes to styling, we have two in our closet, the first is for frizzy hair and more importantly, these creams can’t manage it and will help it stay in place.

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