How to color bleached hair?
¿Cómo matizar el cabello decolorado?

How to color bleached hair? 2023

When you have washed your hair at the right stage, you should prepare the following to correct your hair correctly.
Tips to wash with a shampoo with wet or dry hair. After washing clean hair so as not to leave residue. You must specify the color you want for your hair, remember: the right base for the right tone.
Once you know what shade to use, you must make a decision on how to apply it. For wet or dry hair. This is done based on your shade level. It will also work well at the porous level of the hair. Wet hair creates a protective layer around it. So you can control oxidation and depth. This technique is mainly used when applying many shades.

Dry hair

When the hair is dry, the porosity is higher, after application, the dye is absorbed very quickly. helps the hair cuticle is nourished in depth and penetrates better.
if you decide to order dry hair, you must act fast and stick to it. Always be careful during this process to avoid the sound longer.
deeper than you want.

How much peroxide should I use?

Many questions about the right amount of peroxide.
Is the hair bleached? When we have the right formula for the chosen color.
Recipes, all we are looking for is the color of the file. We will always use 10 ml in the mixture.  Use a generous amount (30 or 40 ml) in the shade.
We believe that when we do not get to the stage of innovation required.
Prepare our shade with high peroxide content (30 or 40 ml), we will apply.
Specify more hair. This is completely incorrect.
It is not necessary to use these dyes containing peroxide. It acts as an activator, by using high volume we will modify the tone and
We will not have a great pigmentation, it will simply turn yellow.

Placement time

The placement time is usually a headache, and as we commented previously.
previously. There is no precise exposure time. Each hair differs from what you should do a good analysis for
Learn more or less as time to leave the dye, but the main
Always carefully refer to the process that this step is completely visual.
There is a time guide that you can consider:
Color bath 6 to 12 minutes (light tone).
Paint on hair without cane 30 minutes.
Paint on hair with gray hair 40 minutes.

What products to use at each stage?

Then we will call the necessary products to the shade.
The shampoo helps you to remove unwanted visuals from the hair.
Provision You can also use them for color maintenance.
Because they can only neutralize visually, they won’t work if you
Was orange discoloration, and you need a light yellow.
Clean color: this is a creamy dye needed for hair skills.
Peroxides: dye activators and bleaching powders; they are
Indispensable in any color process.
Treatment: any process requires pre and post procedures.

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