How to care for bleached hair
Cómo cuidar el cabello en una decoloración

How to care for bleached hair 2023

Questions about the care of bleached hair are more common.
Because it is a treatment widely used by hair professionals and One of the most difficult. Cruelty-free bleaching. Maximum protection against bleaching and protection of the hair. The first step is to use a preprocessor. Imagine using only products that prevent you from excessive dehydration during the bleaching process.
Displays or preparations with high peroxide content.

Recommended options

Due to the protein composition, placenta and aloe. Dual rearrangement of light blocks.
Do not wash for 24 hours before and after treatment. Ask your clients before doing this, do not water them every day.
Intentional bleaching is when the hair is oily. It naturally creates a head of hair that helps take care of it. Equally important, it is not mine, 24 hours later at the latest.
bleaching, as the color is best reproduced in the hair. Natural robitis simply restores lost moisture.

Determine the required level of illumination. The second step before starting to change the colors is to define
Amount of color changer required for the job. If it is not required, do not skip step 8 or step 9 to change colors. The main way to do this is to know the height of the colorant you want to use.

Choose the right discoloration

It is very important to use the right amount of peroxide according to the characteristics of the hair.
Remember, we always recommend using 20 to 30 volumes of peroxide. It protects the treated hair, so don’t miss out. It also allows you to apply a second mixture on top of your base.
Remember to memorize the following table for a while. The role of peroxides, do not leave them in hair treatments, you will get nothing but a brutal charm desired results. If necessary, it is better to squeeze and apply a second mixture. Every hair is different, so you need to take into account all the factors.
affects the composition, for example, porosity, whether the tone is natural or cosmetic. Check for discoloration every 5 minutes or more; you need to check.

Flexibility and transparency

Apply the new missing formula. After the mixture has expired. You have used (refer to the table above), you should check your hair. Corn
You have achieved the required lift to use the screen. You have chosen, what matters is the condition of the hair and whether or not it is. It is possible to create a new bleaching mixture with 10 peroxides.
Remember that we have no recipe to prepare the mixture in the cupboard, you should go, use a little hydrogen peroxide bleach.
You get a homogeneous formulation (not dispersed or very dense). Note. Lift comes from the mass. The hair is perfect after washing. The hair should be washed after waxing. When it is seasoned and colored, do not. You will get an even coat because the pigment does not penetrate the shell.


When you apply dye after bleaching, we recommend using 10 volumes of peroxide. Apply dye. Then you set the color and you know the shade lasts longer.

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