How to apply heat protectors?
¿Cómo aplicar protectores de calor?

How to apply heat protectors? 2023

Heat protectors are a basic in the salon and home, if People who like to use irons, dryers or tongs, need a shelter For its properties forms a layer around the hair Protects the hair from intense and direct heat. protects your hair The first step to protect your hair is to choose a temperature. the right tool you use. we always recommend Medium temperature so you need a Thermostat tool.

No wet hair

In many cases, we don’t have enough time to dry.
We pulled out our hair, but it is one of the biggest mistakes from
Wet flat iron or wet iron, we can get the temperature shock that causes
burn your hair

How to use a heat shield?

Once we understand the above steps, it’s time to make a decision.
This product is perfect if you have natural or simply colored hair with moisturizers and marine extracts. Free of lubricants and glycerin.
If you have damaged hair, Keratin Silk is ideal as it is a type of silk.
Developed from extracts of keratin, flax and wheat, applied to the hair.
Whether wet or dry, it gives off a softness and shine out of the ordinary.

Protect from heat

Apply enough in the palm of your hand, then spread it over the palm of your hand with a heat protectant. Mainly apply advice on mid-lengths and mid-lengths The ends should be applied to your hair or hair. You will use heated tools. After applying the product, it’s time to use the tool. Heat, do not forget to use a medium temperature. if you do it right If you want to add shine at the end, you can apply another thin layer. A heat protectant will help protect your hair from the sun and the elements.

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