Hairstyle ideas to disguise greasy hair
Ideas de peinados para disimular el pelo graso

Hairstyle ideas to disguise greasy hair 2023

High ponytail with neck scarf

The ponytail is a classic. Quick and easy to do, it’s a safe bet for all occasions. The key is to keep it high and never part it. The key is to keep it high and never part it so as not to draw attention to your shiny roots. And to make a little effort, don’t forget to accessorize your hairstyle for when you have greasy hair. A nice scarf with an original print is sure to distract. People won’t even notice your “dirty” roots. Don’t hesitate to twist your ponytail to give it a more original hairstyle.
original hairstyle.

The donut bun

Like the ponytail, the donut bun is a great way to hide greasy hair. A tousled bun would further accentuate the current disheveled look of your hair.
your hair… No, opt for an elegant bun, like a ballerina’s. as is the hair donut. Don’t hesitate to decorate your hairstyle with a pretty colored scrunchie. Simply slip it over your donut once your bun is once your bun is done.

The braided bun

Since messy hair is easier to style, we encourage you to mix it up. A mix of hairstyles: for example, you can start with one or two African braids at the base of the head to hide your hair.
at the base of the head to better hide the roots and finish the hairstyle in a bun. There are many ways to mix braids and buns, so don’t hesitate so don’t be afraid to get creative. The key to hiding your greasy hair is creativity.

The half bun

In general, the greasiest areas are at the roots, top of the neck and temples. Therefore, if your hair is only “dirty” in these areas, a half bun is not necessary.
Therefore, if your hair is only “dirty” in these areas, there is no need to tie it all up. A half bun should be enough to hide the shiny roots. Better yet, you can braid her hair at the roots and twist it into a bun at the top of her head. Otherwise, to hide the roots while keeping the lengths loose, there’s nothing better than one or two small, tight braids with a half bun.

Loose bun with headband

This hairstyle looks especially good on curly hair, but anyone can do it. Start by putting on your headband, scarf or bandana. Put all your hair back and make a loose bun by tying your hair strand by strand with flat clips, clips or small classic clips, depending on what is more practical for your hair. Between the scarf and your voluminous bun, we assure you that your greasy roots will be totally camouflaged and invisible for a day!

The braid with a headband

The great thing about braids is that they don’t have to be perfect to look good. Like twists, they’re great for camouflaging greasy hair. What about the roots? Stick with the headband idea. It is to cover the base of the head, the most visible part for others.

It is the ideal hairstyle to hide greasy hair from top to bottom. It is the ideal hairstyle to hide greasy hair from top to bottom (during a sebum treatment for example). Classic braid,
fish or wheat braid, African braid? you will be spoilt for choice!

Scarf to hide greasy hair at the roots

As we said before, the best hair strategy to hide greasy hair is to use a scarf. It is a strategy to hide greasy hair by concealing it from view. Choose a colorful or patterned scarf to draw attention to it. Also remember that the wider it is, the more it hides.

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