Hairstyle ideas for an important date
Ideas de peinados para una cita importante

Hairstyle ideas for an important date 2023

Is it time for a first date?

Do you want to make a good impression and put all the possibilities on your side to seduce the guy or girl of your dreams. Trust us, we will help you find the perfect hairstyle for your date. Whether it’s for a dinner at a restaurant, a trip to the movies, a picnic at the picnic in the park or a relaxed evening in front of a TV show.

Wavy hair for any type of date

A confident stroll, an elegant look, windblown hair…. How can you fail to impress with a wavy hairstyle? We love the look that beach waves give us: a look straight from the beach and a relaxed air. This hairstyle draws “soft” waves on the lengths and creates a natural wavy movement.
Highlight the highlights in the hair: highlights, highlights or even. Are you tempted by this hairstyle to dazzle your beau? Then you will need a curling iron.

Wrap the hair around the curling iron, alternating thin and thick strands. Slide the iron up and down to create movement and leave the last 4 cm out. Next, loosen the curls by running your fingers through the hair and spraying it with curling spray. Next, relax the curls by running your fingers through the hair and spraying it with a saltwater spray for a frizzy look.

It is also possible to make waves without heat, the waves will just be lighter. To do this, braid wet hair before going to bed. The next day, as if by magic, you’ll
the next day, you will have a wavy effect!

Bohemian braid: the perfect hairstyle for a romantic rendezvous

Looking for the perfect hairstyle for the occasion? A bohemian braid will make your lover’s heart beat faster. More original than a ponytail, the braid will give you a romantic and natural style.

It is associated with dreamy, benevolent and charming personalities. On medium or long hair, this hairstyle is infinitely adaptable: waterfall braid, herringbone braid, three strands, pinned, etc. For a date, our favorite is undoubtedly the herringbone braid. It’s out of the ordinary out of the ordinary while still looking glamorous.

It’s not that hard to do, as this simple hairstyle tutorial shows. To add a fashionable touch, we do a loose braid and free a few strands in the front. If you are comfortable with braids, then mix the herringbone braid with the waterfall braid.

If you are comfortable with braids, then mix the herringbone braid with the waterfall braid: a feminine and sexy look is guaranteed for your date!.

Loose bun with a headband

A feminine, elegant and adorable hairstyle? We suggest a rather loose bun. Combining informality and a sense of style, it immediately gives you an urban chic look.
urban chic look. To achieve it, you have to work with the texture of the hair.

Generally, the hairstyle holds better when the last shampoo was a day or two before. Next, put on the headband or scarf. Gather your hair on top of your head into a ponytail, roll it up and secure it with an elastic and flat clips.

Let a few strands of hair escape from the front of your face. This is a very delicate and elegant hairstyle to surprise your better half. And for more softness, adopt one of our favorite bracelets, matching or not with your headband: the final touch for a successful look.

Half bun with a scrunchie: a stylish/unstylish look

A hairstyle that reveals your personality at a glance? Opt for the half bun and bring out your trendy, carefree side: a stylish look that’s both a hairstyle and a non-trimmed look, a 100% relaxed and uncomplicated style. This hairstyle can be adapted to both long and short hair. The half bun is a trendy hairstyle with a beautiful look and a simple style.

In just 3 minutes, the hairstyle is done. Take the top part of your hair (above the ears). Wrap these strands into a bun around a fashion scarf and depending on your preference, place it in the middle or on the top of your head. Curl a few sections with a flat iron for a bohemian touch and add volume. You’re done.
You’re sure to look adorable with this look! Your face and pretty eyes will also be the center of attention.

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