Hair damaged by bleaching
Cabello maltratado por decoloración

Hair damaged by bleaching 2023

I’m not a fan of lightening my hair, I like chewing gum, burning my hair. These are the recommendations we read and implemented. Summary Women consider hyperpigmentation as a synonym. Maltese hair. However, it is not worse. good color change. It doesn’t have to be cruel, it says a lot. There are bad results in these general procedures.

Condition of the chemical

Before starting the procedure, it is important that stylists make analysis of the hair with which we will work.
The formula for the timing of the change and styling depends on this, it is not the same hair that is already abused, one that has a lot of porosity,

Chemical processes

The saying that the hair has some praise or a permanent base is not. By rubbing gently, you can damage your hair. If you have bleached your hair before (same year) because you dreamt or brown, you think you will remove the explanation.
This has not happened, the hair has been processed and cannot be restored to its original state. This part of the hair is more difficult to manage because the hair is already there.
Treated for greater porosity and absorption. Each decoration is much faster. If it happens to you, you know what to do. Then the hair is the best way to trouble (hair decoration).


We repeat it constantly, all the hair, even if they are natural needs. Treatment to keep it healthy. When your hair is bleached, it is important to apply procedures to process and modify the training procedure to save the color not only, but also the health of your hair. If you do not do this, we guarantee your hair.


This is the main part of successful teeth whitening and covers many different topics. The main aspects have already been covered, but we provide a summary. Mistakes made in this regard.

I think it will give us a recipe for 40 episodes and eternity. Faster results and higher performance. you are totally wrong, we always use and recommend remixes in episodes 20 and 30.

I want gray, silver or blonde hair, dyed black or red. We’ve talked about these colors before, they are incredibly hard to highlight and almost impossible to turn gray.

Try going from brown to platinum in one fell swoop. I want to do everything in my power to make my hair cry. because the.
To achieve the dream of enlightenment, the best way is to do more in some parts.
It is important to note that I respect what my hair has to say.

Perform the teeth whitening process several times with an interval of several days. Continue until the hair has the necessary resistance.

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