Combat hair loss with these tips
Combate la caída de cabello con estos tips

Combat hair loss with these tips 2023

Hair grows back, but there are several possible factors. If you pull your hair too much, it will wear out over time.
It weakens the hair follicles, reducing hair growth and twisting. If you have thin hair, you should avoid over styling your hair or ponytail. Today’s trend is for a more natural, messy look. After tugging on headbands or clips, one of the most common causes of hair loss as it is always too tight and needs to relax the hair fiber.

Use a toothbrush with reduced spaces between the teeth. Use the proper thick fabric garter with good elasticity and let the hair dry before bonding and use a wide-toothed comb. Be prepared after bathing for treatment once a week will also help improve hair health.

Hair loss

In the face of pressure, although stress is almost inevitable in the rhythm of life and affect health by dilating the hair follicles, which in turn affects the scalp.

  • Stretching the hair
  • Sebum and hair care products near the sebum.
  • Smoking, eating poorly, drinking water, sleeping too much.
  • Hair loss due to poor diet.
  • Lack of nutrients such as zinc and hair vitamins.
  • Hair loss due to clogging such as dandruff or oil.

Cleanse your head to a certain depth once a week by adding a massage. We naturally produce oil and eventually the hair follicles become clogged and weakened.
Use a soft bristle brush to separate everything before showering. Wash it with an amino acid shampoo.
A malnourished hair needs nutrients, and when there is , this is noticeable from the beginning. Especially for hair and nails.  You can also include in your diet products containing silicon. at a later time silicon has many functions in our body, and most importantly, do not doubt its role in the formation of connective tissue.

Hair loss is a genetic disorder that basically affects people, although women also suffer and affect the image of all.  Regenerates hair, restores vitality and vitality to hair and skin. Our treatments support hair growth in your case. These ingredients help maintain a healthy scalp, reduce and eliminate excess oil or dandruff.

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