Bleaching vs stripping
Decoloración vs decapado

Bleaching vs stripping 2023

You probably heard about bleaching or stripping, do you know the difference between them? Bleaching and stripping processes are different. Below, we will give you the main differences between them.

Bleaching and stripping

It is a pigment that reduces the color of the hair by a chemical process, it is produced by alkaline chemicals that lighten the hair. The change is related to the application of the color change formula. It achieves different stages of lightening. The screening formula must be suitable for the hair, works well and the necessary bleaching stages. Remember, that the discoloration corresponds to the type of shade to obtain the desired color.

Color extraction

It is a term that works on colored hair. This action lightens from 1 to 3 levels. The main feature of extraction is the extraction of previously dyed hair from colored layers. In this type of peroxide process is 30 or 40 regularly. From the moment of its application much faster, but it lightens only 3 times the extracted color.


If the process is very early, it should be used on wet or dry hair, as porosity can make a big difference. Extracted color is perhaps one of the most abundant. The hair is very difficult to style. The dye is visually normal for the level of color you have chosen. It is very important to remember that you cannot achieve pale tones.
Working on dark hair, you can lighten only 3 shades maximum. Each person will need a different level depending on your natural base hair color.

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